This workshop is closely connected to our project "The operational paradigm: its mathematical and philosophical frontiers", supported by the John Templeton Foundation. It focuses on, but is not restricted to,

  • operational systems (such as explicit mathematics, operational set theory, unfolding) and related set and type theories,
  • the borderline between predicative and impredicative mathematics from various perspectives.

Venue and Date

The workshop will take place in the Main Building of the University of Bern (Map and Directions) on March 8, 9 and 10, 2017 in the following rooms:

  • March 8 & 9 : Room 501 (Kuppelraum), 5th floor
  • March 10   : Room 304, 3rd floor, east wing

Informal Get-Together

For those already in Bern on Tuesday evening, there will be an informal get-together at

Restaurant Lötschberg
Zeughausgasse 16
3011 Bern

around 7pm. It is very close to your hotels. For details see also here.


  • Arnold Beckmann (Swansea, UK)
  • Benno van den Berg (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Wilfried Buchholz (Munich, Germany)
  • François Dorais (Burlington, United States)
  • Kentaro Fujimoto (Bristol, UK)
  • Iosif Petrakis (Munich, Germany)
  • Timotej Rosebrock (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Kentaro Sato (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Helmut Schwichtenberg (Munich, Germany)
  • Thomas Streicher (Darmstadt, Germany)